Vega 3000G VoIP Analog Gateway Up to 24 FXS Ports

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The Sangoma Vega 3000G is a 24FXS port analog gateway with SIP support and is scalable for large deployments. The Vega 3000G offers voice, fax and modem support. This model was designed to help ease to integration of your old telephone system and new VoIP system by allowing you to connect analog devices.

  • Description

  • Features

  • Sangoma’s Vega 3000G VoIP Analog Gateways are a 24 FXS analog appliance supporting up to 24 simultaneous calls

    • Supports SIP, T.38 fax and modems
    • WebGUI for configuration and troubleshooting, featuring Quick Wizard for rapid deployment
    • Built-in DSP for media translation
    • Interoperable with most legacy and VoIP carriers worldwide
    • Advanced flexible call routing with automatic failover and bypass routing
    • 8 km loop length, great for muti-dwelling applications

  • Telephony Features

    • Call Waiting
    • Call Forward – Unconditional, Busy, No-Answer
    • Call Transfer – Blind, Consultative
    • 3-Way Conference
    • Do Not Disturb
    • Message Waiting Indicator – Audible, Visual
    • Music on Hold
    • Executive Barge
    • Caller ID presentation – UK, DTMF, Bellcore GR30, ETSI
    • Caller ID screening
    • SIP registration & digest authentication

    Call Quality

    • Adaptive jitter removal
    • Comfort noise generation
    • Silence suppression
    • 802.1p/Q VLAN tagging
    • Differentiated Services (DiffServ)
    • Type of Service (ToS)
    • QoS statistics reporting
    • Echo cancellation (G.168 up to 128ms)

    Operations, Maintenance & Billing

    • HTTP(S) Web Server
    • RADIUS Accounting & Login
    • Remote firmware upgrade:
      • Auto code upgrade
      • Auto configuration upgrade
    • SNMP V1, V2 & V3
    • Syslog
    • TFTP/FTP support
    • VT100 – RS232/Telnet/SSH
    • Voice readback of IP parameters

    FXS Line Length

    • Up to 8km at 1 REN

    Security & Encryption

    • Media – SRTP (Optional)
    • SIP – TLS (Optional)
    • Management – HTTPS, SSH, Telnet
    • Configurable user login passwords
    • Enhanced Network Proxy (ENP)

    Routing & Numbering

    • Dial Planner – sophisticated call routing capabilities
    • Direct Dialing In (DDI)
    • SIP registration to multiple proxies


    • Automatic re-routing of call traffic to backup PSTN connection
    • Local Survivability – Business Continuity during WAN/SIP outage

    Audio Codecs:

    • G.711 (a-law/µ-law) (64 kbps)
    • G.729a (8kbps)
    • G.723.1 (5.3/6.4 kbps)
    • G.726


    Vega 3000G

    • 1U: 270mm (W) x 155mm (D) x 43mm (H)
    • Weight: 1.5kgs (3.31lbs)
    • Rackmount ears: Sold As Accessorry

    Power Supply

    Vega 3000G

    • External AC adapter
    • 100–240 VAC (50/60 Hz)
    • DC output 12V/5A

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