Outdoor DC Micro-UPS-SYNAPS 12V 3E IP EC

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Designed to meet WiFi, Mesh and video surveillance security requirements

SNMP / BACnet IP communication

Dimensions L*H*P mm: 200 x 300 x 150

  • Description

  • Features

  • SYNAPS IP is a communicating DC Micro-UPS specifically designed for 12 Vdc-powered outdoor video surveillance applications. In the event of power failure, it ensures continuity of service for the equipment it powers with the integrated LiFePO4 backup function.

  • Safeguards equipment via a 55 W communicating DC Micro-UPS.

    Filters disturbances of the electrical network.

    10 kA lightning arrester.

    Reboot function configurable from supervision.

    Protected and backed up Ethernet 2-port switch.

    Secure protocols: SNMP V1 & V3 / HTTPs / BACnet IP.

    Fastenings for customer equipment.

    Eliminates brown-outs and provides at least 15 min. backup.

    Protects equipment from lightning and electromagnetic disturbances.

    LifePO4 very long-life battery technology.

    Space available for customer equipment (media converter, PoE injector, etc.).

    Designed for outdoor use, with IP66 watertight and IK10 vandal-proof locked box.

    Ultra-compact and lightweight product (3.3 kg).

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