MX8G-4FXS4FXO Analog VOIP Gateway Up to 4 FXS 4 FXO Ports

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The MX8G-4FXS4FXO are designed as a compact unit with 4 FXS/4 FXO ports, 1 WAN port and 1 PC port (both are 10/100/1000Mbps Ethernet ports), which allows users to apply it as an All-in-One system capable of providing versatile solutions by connecting analog phone, fax and POS machine, IP telephony and PSTN.

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  • Developed for low-port-count applications, such as fax-terminal connectivity, small businesses, SOHO, and residential IP-telephony applications, the MX8G gateways are integrated VoIP-FoIP devices that provide reliable and cost-efficient access methods for deploying converged communication solutions for network operators and enterprises.

    As intelligent gateways running on embedded Linux operating system, the MX8G are compatible with many highlighted features such as call forward, call transfer, 3-way conference, caller ID, DND, color ringback, forking, automatic routing, digitmap, PSTN failover, and much more to provide a complete and highly reliable VoIP solution applicable to nearly every application scenarios.

    The hardware design of the MX8G, from architecture to component selection, is made to optimize reliability. In addition, with high availability featuring primary-standby, active-standby, and load balancing, as well as PSTN failover to handle the failure of the SIP proxy servers, power supply, and network, users are provided with carrier-class availability with minimized potential downtime.

    The MX8G provide rich set of features to support perimeter protection against malicious intrusions, such as brute force logins and SIP attacks, ensuring a high level of security in your IP telephony environment.

    The MX8G include the New Rock Cloud client, providing easy access with NAT traversal to endpoint devices and value-added applications for remote, real-time monitoring, maintenance, software upgrades, troubleshooting, data analysis, alarm notification, and remote packet capture.

  • - IMS/SIP/MGCP protocols

    - Unequalled configurability of FXS and FXO ports

    - TLS/SRTP

    - L2TP/OpenVPN client

    - 500 routing and number-manipulation rules

    - Configurable SIP ports and IP-address whitelist

    - High-speed fax with maximum rate of 33,600 bps by T.38 or G.711 pass-through

    - Polarity-reversal/busy-tone detection

    - High availability & PSTN failover

    - Auto provisioning

    - Remote access via the New Rock Cloud*

    - Management with New Rock or third-party Element Management Systems (TR-069, SNMP)

    - Interoperability with popular SIP servers, such as Cisco CallManager/CUCM, Broadsoft, Microsoft Skype for Business (Lync), - Huawei IMS, and Asterisk/Elastix

    - Class I lightning protection

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