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DC Micro-UPS, with Smart Backup Inside and long service life.

SDC-M 24V 3D BOX2 IP: 24 V/ 55 W

SNMP / BACnet IP protocols

Cable feedthrough via 3 cable glands.

2 Screw terminals (on the PC board).

2 RJ45 ports 100 Mbps(on the PC board).

Dimensions L*H*P mm: 285 x 198 x 61

  • Description

  • Features

  • SDC-M IP is a communicating DC Micro-UPS dedicated to protect sensitive equipment in buildings and infrastructures. In case of a power failure, it ensures service continuity to the supplied equipment thanks to the LiFePO4 backup function integrated.

  • Mains function:

    Backup LiFePO4 inside with very longlife.

    Reboot function available.

    Open protocols HTTPS / SNMP / BACnet IP.

    Closely securises IP applications’ functions in case of a power cut.

    Delivers a constant voltage to equipment, adjustable via HTTPS website, from -8% to +13%

    Benefits of the SDC-M IP serie:

    Ultra-compact / Plug and Play.

    Performs self-diagnostic and that of its environment.

    Cabling gain.

    2 Ethernet ports protected against glitches.

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